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Laser-Like Focus

What I bring to the world of business is a laser-like intense focus on business challenges. I bring an unrelenting search for the root cause of those challenges. This is to your long-term advantage.

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Your Back's Covered

Business today has a lot of moving parts. Making sense of poor business fit can be both challenging and frustrating at the same time. That all changes when we team up.

John Stringer Business Performance Making a Difference

Making A Difference

I believe that business should not be so hard that people feel like giving up, or throwing in the towel. My enjoyment comes from working with Entrepreneurs to make a difference. Let's open the door to scale.

Value Adding - Making Your Business EXTRAORDINARY

Often the 'clutter' from being immersed in every-day business stops us from taking the time to 'smell the roses' - those short moments of simple rejuvenation. Imagine looking over your business from the orbiting Space Station. What would you see?  This is one of the perspectives I bring to your business equation. I quickly identify where the real value-add process can begin.

Care Level - Second to None!

The No 'Bullshit' Business Reset Family

Passionate About Making a Difference

John Stringer supports the core values of the B1G1 organisation. Their concept of every time a business gives, through a simple, convenient and truly impactful process, it can make a positive difference to our world.

“Imagine every time you had a meal, a hungry child also receives a meal… or imagine if every time you had a cup of coffee, someone received access to life saving water… or imagine if every time you bought a book, a tree was planted…”

Such a simple process
Buy 1, GIVE 1 - today


How John Aims to Make a Difference

Masami Sato, a founder of B1G1, was running a food production company in Australia, when she and other entrepreneurs came up with the initial idea of B1G1 in a business program. A process that was facilitated by Paul Dunn, who eventually became the Chairman of B1G1.

They imagined a world where every business made a difference through the simple concept of, ‘Buy 1, Give 1.’ At the heart of their concept is that 100% of contributions made by B1G1 business clients are directly passed to its partner non-profit organisations (NGOs).

Imagine being able to contribute to improving the learning environment for students who are desperate for an education. The simple act of buying 100 bricks that go towards building a classroom today, creates an education tomorrow.

Our aim is to ultimately create an entire school by giving.


One Day In The Life Of

Imagine what might happen through sponsorship.

Sponsoring the education fees of one disadvantaged child, for one day, seems overly simple, yet every day counts. When you and I went to school, we took it for granted that the education was there to be taken (albeit compulsorily). The education system we enjoy is essentially free. Sometimes we might take it for granted that school, is just there. Could taking education for granted, make it difficult to comprehend that disadvantaged children struggle to get a basic education? Yes it could and it sometimes does.

My life of learning has stood me well. My life has been full of interesting experiences and a lot of learning. We now wish to do what we can to create an opportunities for disadvantaged children to have a basic education.

While we mentor business owners to grow and move their businesses from ordinary to extraordinary, we know that we can also contribute through creating opportunities and sponsoring education fees for disadvantaged children. Share in our desire to allow these children the opportunity of learning, growing and in turn, of their sharing and growing others.

Imagine priceless education.


Giving Life Sustaining Water

We live in a country where we don’t give a second thought to having a drink of water, either from a household tap, or a bottle or jug of some description. Attending school and running around the playground, there was never a shortage of water to quench our thirst. In some countries, four out of five children have to walk more than 15 minutes to find a protected water source. Unclean water spreads diseases such as cholera and infant diarrhea.

Poor health harms a child’s learning potential. We live in a world where over 400 million school-aged children a year are infected by intestinal worms that sap their cognitive abilities. In Ethiopia we’re supporting and trying to help quench the thirst of people living in Tigray by giving them clean water.

Consider the potential impact of swapping your weekly/annual (220 working days) intake of coffee and providing water to over 270 people for a year. That’s the power of sharing and giving on a scale that we are comprehending.

Imagine clean, hygienic water.

Make A Difference in Someone's Life:
Buy 1, Give 1

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