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Small business ownership comes with its unique challenges and no job description!  Creating the business you envisioned and building a successful business does not need to be so 'bleedin' stressful. 

When you're in business things can easily spin out of control and your physical and mental health can take a hit. You work harder believing things will come good. Exhaustion arrives. Procrastination makes things worse. I'm here to help you overcome this cycle that leads to the inevitable burnout.

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Productivity is one of the cornerstones of business success: having solid systems and processes underpins business efficiency. You are here for the long haul, learn how subtle process changes can multiply your productivity and ease your pain.

Oustanding businesses obsess over productivity not efficiency. Productivity is about doing more with the same. Once business productivity is happening you can start reclaiming time for you and also start creating business sustainability: I'm here to guide you.

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Today’s world of business is fast-paced. It demands time and agility and work-life balance can seem a long way off. The more you try the more it slips away. You feel that everyone wants a piece of you. When was the last time that you had time for you?

You and I both know that work-life balance is pivotal to your on-going personal and mental health; and relationships. My clients have been where you are right now. Today they work smarter, not harder. Let me help you nail that balance.

Let's Remove the Pains You BEAR!

Running your business in a constant state of pain can really do your head in. Its worse than running a marathon and losing your big toenails 2 miles in. Your brain kicks in and reminds you there's 24 more agonising miles to go. Business wasn't meant to be this hard and bathed in the sweat of constant pain.

Spending time with your own personal 'business physician' can bring you the relief crave. I know you operate your business in a unique context, understanding your context and working in your world is what kick-starts pain relief. Together we write the script that relieves your business pains so you can be free to enjoy your business and personal life again.

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Download Your Business Reset Cheat Sheets!

Download this set of Business Reset Cheat Sheets to achieve clarity so you can get a grip on your business, overcome burnout, and achieve life and business balance.

Invisible Influencer

Sick and tired of that irritating voice inside your head? The one that has an incessant chirp, pulling you up the minute you misstep. You don't have to climb the mountain of business challenge, burdened by this annoying little 'passenger'. Together we'll shift your inner voice from critical to "you can do this!" and cure impostor syndrome once and for all.

Business diagnosis is a core component in my value-add approach. Most aspects of business have a number attached to them, yet some might seem invisible to you at this stage. To me they're crystal clear and they tell a story. I will help you understand that story and develop a course of action to turn things around in your business.

Numbers Scan
Metric Mastery

Shifting your business state from pain to energetic abundance requires a considered and deliberate strategy.  One part of that strategy is to review the business numbers you need to be aware of. I'll help you determine the right combination of metrics to track to take your business from ordinary to extraordinary.