Personal Wellbeing

The Solopreneur, is this you?


So we have all heard of Entrepreneurs but the reality is many entrepreneurs really act like solopreneurs at times – and to be honest many websites (and solopreneurs) seem to glorify the position but the truth is it only generally leads to an unsustainable business model and is unfulfilling. What is a Solopreneur? Its an…

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Addressing Employee Apathy

Employee apathy is often overlooked since those who exhibit this characteristic tend to fly under the radar, which is exactly their goal: to get paid, not bother with anyone unless necessary and not have anyone bother them. However, the nonchalant attitudes of apathetic employees can cause problems eventually. There are several causes of employee apathy,…

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Ignoring Family

ignoring family

Running a business is tough. And too often, business owners get so involved in day-to-day activities that they forget about how important family is and that ignoring family can lead to serious problems. Some entrepreneurs have successful businesses, and some others who seem to have a great relationship with their family, but not so many…

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