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How To Start Increasing
Your Profits within 21-days

Using the tried & tested Profit Flywheel Formula

It all starts with a that is 100% 'BS' FREE!

Just ask yourself what difference an extra $10,000 profit over the next 3 months would start to make to your business?

What if you started today - I mean right now?

Introducing: The Profit Flywheel Formula

Of all the people I meet and speak with, they’re all wanting to improve their Business Profits. Every one of them would love to have more time with their families, but they find that the struggle of keeping their business alive & cash positive is killing everything they’re aiming for.

In this short video I’ll share with you, why the Profit Flywheel Formula is so effective in making a big difference to business performance and why profits flow more easily and naturally.

Choose a Day and Time for Your Profit Flywheel Call: 

When Did You Last Go on a Business Deep Dive?

How would you feel if you went on a Buddy Deep Dive with an experienced Profit Master?

Exploring and discovering the profit that’s been hiding in plain sight, inside your business all this time?

How to start to significantly reduce your stress levels and:

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    Consistently start to increase your profits and improve cash flow quite naturally,

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    Plan your long overdue Family Holiday and happily banish your cell phone from coming along for the ride,

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    Start to keep more of what you make and be rewarded for all your hard work -I call that ‘wallet stuffing’.

You don’t have to do this on your own, or become a ‘Bean-Counter’ just to understand your ‘numbers’: as your ‘Profit Buddy’ I’ve got your back.

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“Sometimes the loudest cries for help are silent”

Struggling to fit everything into your day?

Things just not going to plan?

Wondering where your profits have disappeared to?

(you’re not alone - plenty of others are living this sort of life too)!

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My clients are brilliant at what that they do – just like you. When it comes to dealing with, and talking about their business numbers, their eyes start to glaze over

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    They will all tell you that knowing who to go to, and who they could ask for real help when they were really struggling was a big sticking point.

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    Some had bad experiences with their Accountant, or other business professional/expert, which just made them feel even more frustrated.

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    Strong cash flow has, and always will be, critical to business success. If it is a weak point in your business, we will begin to change that easily, quickly and naturally

Profit is Like Oxygen to Your Business

Without it… your stress levels build

Irritation sets in…

… and you’re ‘in the dog house’ at home

[That is not a place you want to be!]

Why did I develop the Profit Flywheel Formula?

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I hate seeing business’s struggling.

I hate seeing families being torn apart - when often all that’s needed is a couple of small changes for things to start to come right.

You started your business with great intentions, and as a way of you controlling how you lived.

If it’s not turning out the way you hoped, and you’re not sure why, or how best to fix it, you’re in the right place.

I’ve helped lots of clients improve their business with the Profit Flywheel Formula.

And I'd enjoy the opportunity to help you move your business from where it is now, to something way more exciting.

I love it when things start to click for my clients:

  • their energy levels go up.

  • their enthusiasm for business builds again.

  • their business’s start to fly.

This is what I call the Flywheel effect.

Flywheels build kinetic energy – the energy of motion.

Motion moves things forward

You ready to get your business moving forwards again?

All it takes is for you to book a call with me… now

Who does the Profit Flywheel Formula work the best for?

  • Established Service Based Businesses with Revenues of at least $300K & wanting more Profit

  • You’re tired of business, it feels stuck and close to stagnating, you want change, and you want it now!

  • You’re done with the stress and struggle, NOW its’ time to get things sorted, & get your life back on track

  • You’re done with playing tug-of-war between work and home – you are torn by divided loyalties

  • You’re overdue some real rewards, time to keep more of what you make… time for some ‘wallet stuffing’

Your Finish Line is this Way….

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… and it All Starts Right Here

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The 3-core elements of profit, admin, and service that will shift your business from Chaotic to Calm

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How to combine Marketing, Sales & IT systems that will shift things from Complexity to Simplicity

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The lethal mix of Mindset, Cash Flow & Profit Growth that will shift your business from Weak to Strong

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It’s Not Rocket Science…It’s Practical…It’s Real

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    Zero ‘guru speak’ – guidance in easy-to-understand language

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    Zero ‘BS’ – on-point and tailored suggestions for your situation

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    Zero ‘stuffing around’ – we cut to the chase to maximise profit ASAP!

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    Filled with – practical & workable processes to make your life easier

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    Filled with – accountable actions to produce positive outcomes quickly

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    Filled with – my support, every step of the way, we want to win together!

Some Feedback from Clients

Corporate Culcha was able to turnaround turn-over to $1.5M

“John came on board as a mentor when we had a major downturn in our industry. Through John’s honest and practical advice, his methodologies and planning skills, we were able to set up better business efficiencies, reduce our administrative hours and utilize new technologies. With John’s assistance, the business was able to turnover $1.5M the following FY. Thanks John for your support and mentoring.”

— Paul Dodd, CEO of Corporate Culcha + Geared up Culcha

John helped us future proof our business!

“Through John’s detailed and efficient approach, we now understand the value of numbers, how to look at our business from a different perspective and focus on the positives. We now know how to run a business. Engaging John was our best decision, he was there for us any time of day or night, always responsive and ready to assist. Our Journey with John helped us future proof our business. Thanks John we couldn’t have done it without you!”

— Rebecca & Mat Brazier, Owners Catepiller Tree Services

Vanessa now has the confidence to keep the business in better shape!

“John came to work with us when we were struggling administratively, we were in a roller-coaster of being a consultative business. John helped us discover our inefficiencies. We were able to discover how to improve our business in a detailed way, now having the confidence to develop better systems with our clients, particularly in payments and invoices. John was always checking in to see how we were going and always offered solutions. John ensured that we and I keep the business in good shape.”

— Vanessa Ring, Operations Manager Corporate Culcha

Sharon & Bryan have better systems and processes to help them succeed long-term!

“John has helped us gain a better knowledge of our business. He has helped us create and understand a budget, also helped us break down costings and introduce better business processes. We would highly recommend John to anyone that needs help with their business.”

— Sharon and Bryan Anderson, BSA Transport

John helped me create systems in my business to allow me to enjoy my evenings and weekends with my family.

“Since I started working with John my books are up to date, I've built a team to support my business growth, I'm setting bigger goals ...  and for the first time in years, I didn't file an extension for my taxes. This year I was ready in early February with only an hour of work!"

— Heather Stephens, Wise Owl Marketing

An environment that created an opportunity to focus in on the core issues and develop meaningful solutions.

Ramos' take on the impacts of sharing his business challenges in an open, honest and trusting environment. An environment that created an opportunity to focus in on the core issues and develop meaningful solutions.

— Ramos, Tenaka's Tribe

john stringer the profit flywheel formula

From the Desk of John Stringer

Thanks for visiting this page. I can’t wait to have a chat with you. I really am passionate about business’s working well.

1. Business has never been more challenging than it is today.

These challenges are best met with practical hands-on guidance, where solutions are tailored to work for you inside your business in a way that you understand and can use.

For the past 20 years plus, I’ve been working with clients to change the performance of their business – 100% focused on turning things around and making a difference.

2. Too often I hear my clients say: “If only I could break-even or make a small profit, I’d be happy. “I’m not good with numbers and quite frankly I’m probably doing a crap job of putting things in the right places” Or “I get too confused by trying to reconcile my bank account”

A short chat with me will start to sort those issues out and more.

If you recognise that a problem shared, is a problem halved, this is a conversation you should start having me. Navigating the world of ‘business numbers’ can be daunting if it’s not one of your strengths, when all you need is a guiding hand to start sorting it out. If you’re serious about finding the right solution for you and your business, you’re a perfect customer for the Profit Flywheel Program and 1-on-1 support with me.

I can’t wait to meet with you on a call, gain an understanding of your challenges and struggles, and work out with you, your best next steps.